Truegreen Products are designed as per national and international standards and has been tested by various international laboratories.

Truegreen products follow international norms

Indian Norms: IS/ISO 117088

Europe Norms: EN13432

US Norms: ASTM D 6400


Truegreen products have been certified by CIPET(Central Institute of Plastics, Engineering and Technology), Chennai.

Compostable as per IS/ISO 17088.

Does not contain heavy metals and toxic material

Does not contain polyethylene


Truegreen products have been tested by CFTRI(Central Food Technology Research Institute), Mysore.

Food grade material for packaging of acqeous & fatty acids.

Complies with Overall Migration Test as per IS:10146-2-2003

OK Compost

Truegreen products have been certified as “OK Compost”

Tested as per the standards IS/ISO 17088 and ASTM D 6400: 2008 for compostable specifications.

Tested as per EN 13432: 2000–Packaging-requirement for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation.

OK Compost

Truegreen products have been tested by SRTM University

Does not contain plastic(high polymer)

Made of natural compositions like starch, cellulose

Biodegradable within 130 days


Truegreen products have been tested by Indian Institute of Packaging(IIP), Mumbai.

Does not contain polyethene.

Oxygen Transmission rate, Tensile Strength, Elongation, Water Vapour Transmission Rate as per standards ASTM & IS norms

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